Peek at the Week #18

This week in chapel we heard the story of David and the lions and learned the letter O. Both lead to great activities! 3s Our 3s classes had a great time making a lion’s mane out of squares and by using an ABC pattern. They even pained one using a toothbrush! Any time you do a “typical” activity in a “non-typical” way (like using

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Chapel -David and the Lions

This week, we heard the story of David and the lions. We learned how David always prayed and when he was with the lions, God kept him safe. God took care of David just like he takes care of us!

Peek at the Week #17

This week was all about the letter D and pets! What a great week filled with celebrating Dads, dinosaurs, dogs, and pets! 3s We had so much fun talking about the pets we have at home, or the pets we would like to have. Our 3s loved having their own tiny pet book they could read at home! To go with the letter “D”,

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Peek at the Week #16

It was so exciting to pick more vegetables from our garden this week. Students were able to try radishes and snap peas. Most loved the snap peas, some weren’t so sure about the radishes. But ranch dressing makes everything taste better, right?! 3s Our chapel lesson on Baby Moses led to so many great activities. Everything from imaginative play, following a multi-step art project,

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Baby Moses

This week, we heard, and acted out the story of Baby Moses. We learned about a king who didn’t want anymore baby boys in the kingdom, so Moses was put in a basket and placed in the river. God protected Moses, and a princess found and rescued Moses from the river. Students had fun retelling the story in their classrooms!

Peek at the Week #15

We were all so excited to see our students and families after winter break! Our chapel lesson was the lost sheep, so our classroom activities involved sheep, winter, and getting back into our daily routines! 3s How fun! Our 3s loved building a home for sheep, counting and drawing sheep, and matching sheep in our exploring tables. They worked their fine motor muscles and

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Chapel – The Lost Sheep

“We can do good to everyone” – Galatians 6:10 We were so excited for our first chapel of the new year! Our lesson this week was the lost sheep. We learned about a shepherd who realized one sheep was missing from his flock. Even though he had all these other sheep to care for, he still wanted to help and find the lost sheep.

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Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We are looking forward to spending 2021 with you all and can’t wait to meet our future families later in the year! Here is to a blessed New Year!

Peek at the Week #14

What a great last week before Christmas break! Each class had “Happy Birthday Jesus” parties where they decorated candy Christmas Trees.

Peek at the Week #13

This week we have been busy getting ready for Christmas, learning the story of the night Jesus was born, and celebrating Jesus! It’s hard to believe we only have one more week until Christmas Break! 3’s “J” is for Jesus! Our 3’s compared sizes and made a Christmas Tree by going longest to shortest! They also used their fine motor muscles to make these

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