Make Ahead Lunch Prep

Make Ahead Lunch Prep

My kids never want to buy lunch at school.  Some days during the year I have been known to beg them only because it sounded so much easier than making a lunch every morning.  I realized with a little prep on Sunday afternoons and some team work we could solve the problem and eliminate some of the “crazy” from our mornings.


To prepare, I purchased a bin for the pantry and two refrigerator bins.  We all discuss the grocery list and add a variety of items to choose from.  I also found out that you can freeze sandwiches as long as you don’t include tomato or lettuce.  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest about what sandwiches freeze best and how to store them.


On Sunday we all gather in the kitchen and separate jobs.  Someone cuts fruit/veggies and puts them in baggies, another is in charge of the pantry bin snacks and finally two people make sandwiches and wrap them tight in saran wrap.  Everything is in individual bags or containers unless already packaged.  Once it’s all done, there is enough food for the week and the kids quickly throw their lunch in a bag the night before or morning of school.  I’ve listed a few of our favorites below…happy lunch prepping!


Pantry Items:                Refrigerator Bins:

Trail Mix                             Apples/Oranges/Grapes

Granola Bars                      Cheese Sticks

Pretzels/Crackers              Yogurt

Applesauce Cups                Veggies/Hummus or Ranch

Fruit Cups                            Assorted Sandwiches



by Betsy Marlinga


Thank you, Mrs. Marlinga!  I’d love to get my family involved in this lunch prep!  Sounds like a great time saver!


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