Peek at the week 2023 Edition Week#1

Welcome to Preschool 2023/2024 school year! We enjoyed learning our routine and meeting new friends and seeing old friends after the break! Our activity center was updated this summer and the kids are loving having indoor recess while it is so hot outside! We enjoyed learning our first week! Come back weekly to check out our preschool blog that gives you an overview of

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Peek of the week 2023 Week#8

Q is for Queen Ester! This week we learned all about the letter Q. We worked with quarters for math, made quilts in art, and heard the bible story of queen Ester and her bravery to help save her people. The weather has been cool enough for outside recess! The kids are loving being outside playing in the courtyard! It was a fun week

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Peek of the Week 2023 Week#7

Grandparents Day 2023 Thank you to all the Grandparents and even some Great Grandparents that came to be celebrated! You are our sunshine! Mrs. O’Neill’s class having fun in centers and recess! Mrs. Armstrongs class loved Rainbow Bread this week! Fun in Caring Caterpillars this week! Chapel we finished our bible story of Noah’s Ark and had a day of fun Rainbow Colors to

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Peek of the Week 2023 Week#6

This week was a short week but filled it with lots of fun! We started the bible story of Noah’s Ark this week and will continue next week in Chapel. We also worked on our grandparents gifts that we will give next week at grandparents breakfast. Lunch bunch was so fun this week! The kids enjoyed the story “Secret Pizza Party” and with the

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Peek of the Week 2023 Week#5

This week we finished up the story of creation with “God made me special” In lunch bunch we read the book “The DOT” and made a fun painting craft to go with it. Some fun Playing with friends this week! Check back next week to see what we are up to at Preschool! John 1:3 “All things were made by God!”

Peek of the week 2023 week#4

Bb is for blue and all the bountiful animals that God created for us! Chapel time was spent putting God’s creatures on the world and we sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. Mrs. Dare’s Caring Caterpillars having fun at centers this week! Bear Head bands in Mrs. Armstrong’s classroom! Bb is for building blocks in Mrs. O’Neill’s Classroom this week! Love

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Peek of the week 2023 week#3

W is for Watermelon! Lunch bunch is the best! Center fun with friends! Creation story in Chapel time!

Peek at the week 2023 Week#2

We had another great week at preschool! We brought back lunch bunch and chapel this week! We have been busy. This week in chapel we learned about sharing and the right way to ask if you want a something a friend is playing with! COME BACK NEXT WEEK TO SEE WHAT WE ARE UP TO AT PRESCHOOL!

Peek at the Week

Peek at the Week

Here’s a peek at our week…