Peek at the Week

What a great week getting ready to celebrate Easter! In chapel we heard the conclusion of the Easter story. We learned that Jesus died on the cross, and placed in a tomb. And later that same tomb was empty. Jesus had gone to heaven! Everyone got an egg filled with jelly beans. After eating their jelly beans, we talked about how the empty egg can remind them of the empty tomb and how Jesus had Risen!

We made special Easter Crafts!

To go along with Easter, we took a look at eggs and what animals hatched out of eggs.

This spring, we have looked at the ladybug, butterfly, and frog life cycles!

Eggs make for great patterning practice!

And jelly beans are great for graphing!

Not only was it an exciting week with Easter, but our butterflies also hatched! It was fun to see them, and then let them go out into God’s Garden!

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is almost here. This week, we had our last lunch bunch. We heard the story “Rainbow Fish” and then painted our own. Our lunch bunchers thought it was so silly to paint with celery!

Thanks for taking a peek at our week!


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