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Please contact Lora Norris or Adrienne Mesa in our Preschool Office for more information about our programs.

We are committed to providing a loving Christian learning enrichment program for preschool aged children. Our preschool will give them encouragement and confidence to transition successfully into kindergarten programs. God has created each child with unique abilities, special talents and individual needs. We believe that each child should be provided an opportunity to develop each of these areas in a Christian environment.

The staff is also committed to providing a preschool program that teaches children about Jesus Christ and how they can develop a life-long relationship with Him. Our Christian Preschool will encourage your child to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. This Preschool welcomes students of any race, color, nationality, religious or ethnic origin.

“You shall teach these words to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” Deuteronomy 11:19

Preschoolers and Easter

Preschoolers and Easter At Gilbert Preschool, we enjoy having a chapel lesson with the children once a week.  This lesson introduces our theme of the week.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning about the story of Easter. Gilbert Preschool keeps the focus of Easter on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, instead of the Easter Bunny.  This can be a difficult subject for

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Christian Themes

Christian Themes at Gilbert Preschool At Gilbert Preschool we enjoy learning through different Christian themes throughout the year. Thematic learning occurs when many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. Our theme for the first week of school is Super Special. We focus on getting to know each other and celebrate how we all are unique and special.  We all

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Gilbert Preschool Garden

Gilbert Preschool Garden Gilbert Preschool Garden has many thriving plants this year! This week our preschoolers enjoyed tomatoes from our garden.  Every fall, the preschool students till the soil and prepare the garden for planting.  The students dig the holes and plant the seeds themselves. They are so excited when the seeds begin to sprout and specks of green pop out above the soil!

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