Gilbert Preschool Garden

Gilbert Preschool Garden

Gilbert Preschool Garden has many thriving plants this year! This week our preschoolers enjoyed tomatoes from our garden.  Every fall, the preschool students till the soil and prepare the garden for planting.  The students dig the holes and plant the seeds themselves. They are so excited when the seeds begin to sprout and specks of green pop out above the soil! In the past, we’ve planted carrots, sugar snap peas, lettuce, broccoli, swiss chard, cauliflower, and other vegetables. This year we decided to try a few new crops!  For the first time, we planted red peppers, yellow peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

20180306_0948531             20180306_0949141

Even our youngest students get involved! The Parent Tot classes planted herbs and seasonal flowers in our pots that line the playground courtyard. The oregano, rosemary, and mint have done quite well!  We encourage parents to snip some fresh herbs for their recipes at home.

20180306_0953211           20180306_0950311

Over the last few weeks, the tomatoes finally have turned red and are ready for picking! Snack time was extra nutritious with the addition of these delicious tomatoes!


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