Christian Themes

Christian Themes at Gilbert Preschool

At Gilbert Preschool we enjoy learning through different Christian themes throughout the year. Thematic learning occurs when many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. Our theme for the first week of school is Super Special. We focus on getting to know each other and celebrate how we all are unique and special.  We all are both the same and different, but all of us are children of God!

During this time of year, we celebrate all that God has created around us!  All of the beautiful growth we see in Spring is in full bloom, and we love to learn and explore!  This week, the preschoolers are learning about the letter G and our theme is God’s Garden.  Both the PreK students and the 3 year-olds enjoy different activities that center around the letter G but also relate to the garden theme.  Today, the 3 year-olds learned about the color green and the letter G by wearing green, eating green grapes for snack, and playing with green and purple grapes (balloons) during outdoor play.
20180321_095723 20180321_095732

Green Day!  Look at the different shades of green that the preschoolers are wearing!

20180322_095456 g2

The PreK students have brainstormed ideas about what grows in a garden.  They use some of these ideas to complete a sentence and draw a picture.  At this stage in their reading and writing development, prekindergarten students are encouraged to use their letter/sound knowledge to sound out words and write the letters that they hear. This is sometimes called invented spelling. Take a look at some of their work and read what grows in a garden.
20180322_131047   20180322_131057

Our Christian themes makes us one of the best preschools in Gilbert!



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