Here’s What the Loving Ladybugs Have Been Up To

The ladybugs did a great job last week practicing the letter O. They enjoyed stringing their O cereal necklaces with Fruit Loops, which was a favorite by all! We changed the letter O into some creative objects such as an owl, octopus and basketball. A true test of their artistic abilities. Smart kids!! They also wore the color orange to school. In Chapel we talked about how God protected Daniel from the Lions and created a lion’s mane with an ABC pattern.

This week will be practicing the letter H and talk about how we can stay healthy by exercising and eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. We’ll also read the book Six Sticks, and show ways to make things with six toothpicks.

The objectives for Heartprints week, the first week in February, are:

  • Practice helping others.
  • Learn the letter H and the sound it makes.
  • Learn ways to keep healthy through healthy eating and exercise.
  • Learned that God wants us to use kind words.
  • Learn and discuss the number 6

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