Peek at the Week


In chapel we learned how we can be a light for God. We talked about how we can share our light with others by being kind, sharing, helping, and loving. At the end, we all sang “This Little Light of Mine”.


Our 3s were busy with all things pumpkin!

They got to explore, measure, and make cute pumpkin art!

We learned that pumpkin starts with the letter “p” and had fun making the “p” sound in our phones!

It was so much fun to count pumpkin seeds on our bellies with friends!


Our PreK students started off the week learning about words that started with the letter “p”.

Pizza, pigs, and pennies were great examples! We then made letter “p” flip books with things like penguins, pumpkins, and people. What would you have included in yours?

We ended the week with learning about the pumpkin life cycle. I’m sure they will be very excited when next week is all about pumpkins!

Lunch Bunch

Our Lunch Bunchers had so much fun making a plate of spaghetti after reading “More Spaghetti, I say!”. They had to keep telling their parents that they couldn’t eat it!

Fall Art Walk

This week was extra special with our annual Fall Family Art Walk.

It’s a time for families to come and see all the amazing projects the children have been working hard on, grab a family photo, and a special treat!

It is always a great time and the children love seeing their work on display!

Have a great weekend!


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