Peek at the Week


This week in chapel we learned how to help keep our teeth healthy! We talked about foods we could eat to help keep our teeth healthy, how to brush and floss our teeth, and talked about how the dentist is a doctor for our teeth!


We had fun this week with the letter Q!

We made a quilt for our letter book.

It was fun to practice writing the letter Q, and then turning it into a queen!

And it was so fun to play king and queen in dramatic play during centers!


Our PreK students worked hard to Q-Tip paint a castle!

We made ourselves a quilt…

But the highlight of the week for our PreK students was celebrating their 100th day of school!

For one whole day, everything was about the number 100. We saw what 100 drops of water looked like, discovered how many times we could write our name in 100 seconds…

Had fun predicting what we would look like when we are 100 years old….

Ate a yummy 100 snack, and had fun with 100 centers! During centers we turned the numbers 1 0 0 into different things, made 100 hats, built with 100 blocks, and licked a lollipop 100 times!

It was a great day!

Thanks for taking a peek at our week!


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