Peek at the Week

Welcome back!! We have been very busy getting back into the swing of things after spring break!

When we got back, we had fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day…

And getting to pick all the yummy vegetables in our garden! It’s hard to believe these started out as tiny seeds! We picked lettuce, radishes, and snap peas. It was fun to eat some of these yummy veggies for snack!

In chapel we learned how ladybugs are some of God’s tiniest helpers. They help our plants grow by eating aphids. We even got to see some aphids we found in our garden!

It was so fun to have real ladybugs in our classroom this week! We learned about their life cycle, made observations about that them, and then got to hold them as we released them into our garden!

To celebrate releasing our ladybugs so they could be God’s helpers, we made these adorable directed drawing ladybugs!

And after ready “The Very Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle, we turned ourselves into grouchy ladybugs!

Thanks for taking a peek at our week!


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