Summer Activities

Summer Activities

“I’m Bored!”  We’ve all heard those two dreaded words when you are back from your family vacation, but school isn’t in session yet.  As a busy mom, it’s hard to find fun, easy, and inexpensive activities for your preschoolers during the summer.  I’d love to share some ideas that I’ve used over the years as well as give you links to some other blogs sites that you might find helpful!


My kids and I like to see what activity we have planned for each day and what is coming up, so I’ve used a summer activity calendar and posted it to our fridge.  This way, I’m not always hearing… “What are we going to do today?” They can just check the calendar!  This also helps me stay organized with playdates, swim lessons, and other commitments we have going on in the summer.  Here is a link to a free summer calendar download


My daughter came up with an idea last summer when she was getting a case of “cabin fever”. She made an envelope and hung it on her bedroom door.  She put strips of paper with ideas of what she could do in the envelope and anytime she or her brother didn’t know what to do, they would go choose an idea out of her envelope!  Some of her ideas were: build legos, go swimming, make a fort, play hide and seek, work on a puzzle, or go on a treasure hunt (she would hide something in our house and make her brother go find it  : )  )


Finally, I found this website that gives 50 different ideas for creative summer play.  I love that it has the activities categorized by arts and crafts, dance and movement, science and math, music, games, cooking/snacks, and around your community so that you can prioritize based on your child’s interests.


I hope you all have a fun and enjoyable summer break and you don’t hear those two dreaded words… “I’m bored!” : )

by Lindsey Gibson

Thank you, Lindsey, for your blog post!  What wonderful ideas from both you and your creative daughter!


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