Peek at the Week #3

“All things were made by God.” John 1:3 This week, all classes learned how God created our world in 6 days, and on the 7th day, He rested. They enjoyed hearing the creation story, and doing activities based on how God created our world.


Our 3’s classes noticed that nature is all around them and how awesome our God is for creating it. They are doing an amazing job of learning their class routines and their friends’ names. Pre-reading skills are developing as they learn that they can “read” a book by doing a picture walk, (making up the story themselves by looking at the pictures) and of course a “book buddy” always makes reading time a little more fun!


Our PreK students learned all about shapes, the letter “Ww”, and the number 2. We read the story “Mouse Shapes” and students created their own picture with shapes.

Our PreK students enjoy daily centers. Center time gives students an opportunity to freely explore concepts we are working on during the week. Students also engage in dramatic play, exploring table, and lots of opportunities for cooperative play and developing problem solving skills.

What a great 3rd week!


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