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Peek at the Week #8

Weeks that include a holiday are always fun and busy! This week was all about the letter P and of course pumpkins! Some students LOVED feeling inside the pumpkin, others weren’t so sure about it, but all had a great week! 3’s What better introduction to the letter “P” then planting, a picnic, and making a shape pumpkin in our letter books! Pumpkins were

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Chapel – The Pumpkin Parable

“You should be a light for others.” -Matthew 5:16 We read the sweet book “The Pumpkin Parable” during chapel this week. It tells the story of how a farmer grew a pumpkin, picked it, cleaned it out, carved a beautiful face in it, and then placed a light inside it for everyone to see. We then talked about how God’s love is a light

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Peek at the Week #7

This week was everything Noah’s Ark, rainbows, and the letter “Rr”! Take a peek at our fun filled week! Our whole school loved making rainbow bread for snack! Not only was it fun and yummy, but led to conservation amongst each other, turn taking, patience, and working out those fine motor muscles! 3’s Our 3’s loved hearing the story of Noah’s Ark. They used

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Chapel – Noah and The Rainbow

This week in chapel, we finished hearing the story of Noah’s Ark. We learned how every animal came two by two. We had fun brainstorming what Noah and his family packed for the Ark. We couldn’t forget about what the animals would need also! We also learned that the rainbow is God’s promise to never flood the earth again.

Peek at the Week #6

Our preschoolers had a great week hearing the story of Noah, learning about the letter N, and the number 4. They worked hard, and played even harder! But the highlight of the week for all was our first Fall Family Art Walk! We really wanted to provide an event that celebrated our students, brought us and their families together, and most importantly, was responsible

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Chapel – Noah

With the weather finally starting to cool down, we were able to have chapel in the prayer garden today. It was so nice to be able to come together and listen to the story of Noah. This week we focused on how Noah obeyed God by building the arc. We talked about what obey meant and shared how we could obey not only God,

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Peek at the Week #5

Phew! What a busy, but great week! All of our classes worked hard at remembering our letters B and W, and learning that God made them all so special! 3’s In learning that God made each of us different, unique, beautiful, and special, our 3s had a great time making their “I am special frames” and sorting family manipulatives! To help remember the sound

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Peek at the Week #4

What a fun and busy week we had! We continued learning about creation and how God wants us to take care of all his special creations. All our classes loved taking care of our school garden. It was a team effort! They helped get the garden ready for the new seeds, transplanted some plants so we could still enjoy the beauty of nature, and

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This week, our chapel time was a continuation of creation. We reviewed how God created the animals, people, trees, grass, and flowers. We talked about how God needs our help to take care of all his amazing creations. We brainstormed ways that we can take care of animals, and nature. It was so fun to hear our student’s ideas. We talked about one special

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Peek at the Week #3

“All things were made by God.” John 1:3 This week, all classes learned how God created our world in 6 days, and on the 7th day, He rested. They enjoyed hearing the creation story, and doing activities based on how God created our world. 3’s Our 3’s classes noticed that nature is all around them and how awesome our God is for creating it.

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